About Us

Hair Salon Ulysses has now changed to Ulysses Jewellery and Workshop. We closed the hair salon due to the absence of a hairdresser. Sorry for the inconvenience but we hope you enjoy our new business. However we still sell Silk hair care products. Please feel free to ask about them.

Making Jewellery

Making Jewellery is so much fun! You can make your own jewellery with resin, fusing glass, charms, and origami. You can even put your own charms in a resin accessory. We also sell our handmade jewellery.

🦋 Resin Accessory Work Shop

We provide base frames and many variety of charms to include in your own design. It takes about 10 minutes for resin to be cured in UV light.

🦋 Fusion glass jewellery Workshop

Fusing glass is a bit tricky..it may fail because it may break in a microwave kiln, but don’t worry! If you can’t make it, you will get a free fusion glass jewellery from our beautiful stock.

Other workshops

🦋 Stained Glass Workshop

You will make an easy, simple stained glass charm. You will experience cutting, grinding, and soldering glass. If you feel it’s difficult, the instructor can help you to complete the charm.

🦋 Pastel Art

It’s fun and relaxing to draw a picture with ground pastel using your fingers. Easy, anyone can be an artist!

Business Introduction

Company name Ulysses Jewellery and Workshop
Representative Mami Nakashima
Address 163 Mccoombe St. Bungalow
Phone 0419655659

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